External Roller Blind

Our external roller blind with its slim profiles and sleek design is a seamless addition to any vertical glazed area. Zip locking technology built into the side guides, physically locks the fabric in place at every position rendering the blind windproof along with preventing any light shining between the edge, whilst the weighted lead rail ensures the fabric stays under optimum tension.

A clever two-part side guide conceals all fixings, a cassette headbox discreetly hides the blind when not in use.

Create a physical barrier in front of your interior vertical glazing or outdoor pergola space and stop the suns energy more effectively. Our innovative external roller & roof blinds are the most effective way to regulate solar heat and light, preventing unwanted solar heat gain and diffusing incoming light to create a thermally and visually comfortable indoor or outdoor space.

Blocking up to 92%* of the suns near infra-red heat rays, our external blinds can reduce interior room temperatures by more than 1 0degrees centigrade.

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