External Roof Blind

We’ve designed our skylight blinds with practicality and style in mind. We offer a versatile range of skylight blinds to homes and offices at affordable prices, suiting all budgets. Choose from different fabrics and colours that will complement any window of your home. 

Skylight blinds  are essential in the hotter months  as they can effectively cut out excess glare, light and heat from the sun. In winter, skylight blinds also help keep warmth in, making them the perfect accessory all year round

Designed for mounting above glass roofs for pergolas, our highly acclaimed external blinds extend horizontally, providing shade and relief from the hot sun.

Running in sturdy aluminium guide tracks that are designed for durability, this robust awning contains two heavy-duty spring units that are increasingly loaded while the awning extends, ensuring the fabric remains taut and runs smoothly

Stylish Blinds for your home