MDF Shutter

Our composite shutters are unique due to the fact that they’re crafted from a combination of basswood and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Most other shutter companies typically will only use fiberboard with their MDF window coverings, leading to an-all around lower quality shutter.

The unique material for these shutters is made by breaking down wood, adding wax, resins, and other stabilizing materials, then molding it and subjecting it to pressure and heat. These shutters can’t be created in a wood finish, but are designed to be painted and can be customized to suit your interior decor.

One of the advantages of the MDF material is that they’re cost-effective. If you’re looking to give your interior space a fresh update with window treatments, staying within a smaller budget, MDF will be your best bet.

You should keep in mind that MDF is heavier per square foot than real wood and therefore there are more design limitations. MDF is also not quite as resistant to heavy wear and tear as real wood, so if you are looking to install your shutters in a high traffic area—especially one that hosts children and/or pets—wood shutters will most likely be the better choice.

Stylish Shutter for your home