Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are, along with eyelet curtains, one of the two most popular styles of curtains on the market.

The name is derived from the curtain’s heading, which resembles a line of tightly-packed pencils.  Pencil pleat curtains make a great match for more traditional interiors, but there’s no reason they can’t complement more contemporary style homes, too.

Pencil pleat curtains can be attached either to a pole or a track, which can be made from metal, plastic or wood.  By moving the heading tape up and down, a more pronounced ‘ruff’ can be created at the top of the curtain.  Add to this all the different colours and materials that pencil pleat curtains come in, and you’ll be spoilt for choice – whatever your style.

Pencil pleat curtains are arguably more elaborate than other styles of curtain, including eyelet curtains.  This is particularly so at the rear of the curtain, where the fabric is attached to the hoops via a series of threaded strings that must be loosened to clean the material.  As such, pencil pleat curtains tend to be a little more difficult to maintain than eyelet curtains – but given the right interior, the extra effort is well worth it.

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