Pinch Pleat

Pleat curtains are beautiful when neatly and adequately done. The designs, arrangement, and hanging give your room that fantastic look of beauty and elegance.

Elegant pinch pleats are the perfect way to showcase your chosen fabric. Folded pleats are permanently sewn along the curtain header, creating a stylishly uniform drape.

Pinch pleat curtains are wonderfully versatile. They can be made to hang on either tracks or rods, and there are a number of different pinch pleat styles to suit any interior. Below, we take a look at the different pinch pleat options.

An inverted pleat is exactly the same as a single pinch pleat, just reversed! The pleats are hidden at the back of the curtain, creating a gorgeous wall of fabric at the front. Since it’s just like the single pinch pleat, it’s also another economical option.

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